Brave New Venture

Here we go. The first post. Here is where I convince you that not only will you enjoy this blog, but that you will keep enjoying it in the posts to come. No one can promise you’ll like every post here (if they do they’re probably pitching their own) but I can make this statement: I’m going to try and make this real sweet and interesting for as long as possible.

I envision this blog as a place for 1) me to talk about the things I like, 2) you to respond with how much you like/dislike/despise/obsess over the things I like, and 3) us all to find more things to like.

Some of my initial ideas for posts would be reviews on some of my favorite pieces of technology (apps, phones, computers, all things smart), musings on life, and thoughts on coffee (both about coffee and while I am under the influence of the best bean).

I encourage you to join me on this venture.

Whatever you do, do with all your might – Aesop


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