Month: November 2014

The Small School Stigma

Apologies for the lack of posts of late. College has happened upon me again in the most peculiar way and I find myself juggling grad school applications, senior projects, and sucking the marrow from my last year at Northwest Nazarene University.

As I apply for grad school, I find myself haunted by this shadow: the small school stigma. This plague follows the trend of the image header: I go to a small school with a small program, but because few people know about NNU, it is hard to get hired. Aaaand as the saying goes, I can’t get experience without getting hired and therefore I can’t get experience and so forth. The topic of the following blog post is one of my grad school letters referencing this stigma. I really like it, so I decided to push it here. Maybe it will inspire people to rise above their small school problems…I dunno. I just really like things I write late at night, especially when my entire future seemingly hangs on it…