About Me

Since you’re here, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I enjoy a cup of coffee brewed with passion or by friends. I am an avid human being, and very pro-human, believing that no one should be restricted from the best life available.

As an engineering student, I like to build things that do things because I like things. As a physicist I like to imagine a world of the future, and what I can do to bring it about.

I’ve maintained a good hold on the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) for my stay on life, living in a desert, and a rain forest, but almost always in a house. More recently I started a Ph.D. program in Nuclear Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. I enjoy life, and that’s the purpose of this site: to share the things I like with you so that together, with your feedback, we can all enjoy life to the fullest.


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