The Small School Stigma

Apologies for the lack of posts of late. College has happened upon me again in the most peculiar way and I find myself juggling grad school applications, senior projects, and sucking the marrow from my last year at Northwest Nazarene University.

As I apply for grad school, I find myself haunted by this shadow: the small school stigma. This plague follows the trend of the image header: I go to a small school with a small program, but because few people know about NNU, it is hard to get hired. Aaaand as the saying goes, I can’t get experience without getting hired and therefore I can’t get experience and so forth. The topic of the following blog post is one of my grad school letters referencing this stigma. I really like it, so I decided to push it here. Maybe it will inspire people to rise above their small school problems…I dunno. I just really like things I write late at night, especially when my entire future seemingly hangs on it…



Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did.

The child in me is squealing with delightful nostalgia.

Pearls Before Swine

Bill Watterson is the Bigfoot of cartooning.

He is legendary. He is reclusive. And like Bigfoot, there is really only one photo of him in existence. 

Few in the cartooning world have ever spoken to him. Even fewer have ever met him.

In fact, legend has it that when Steven Spielberg called to see if he wanted to make a movie, Bill wouldn’t even take the call.

So it was with little hope of success that I set out to try and meet him last April.

I was traveling through Cleveland on a book tour, and I knew that he lived somewhere in the area. I also knew that he was working with Washington Post cartoonist Nick Galifianakis on a book about Cul de Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson’s art.

So I took a shot and wrote to Nick. And Nick in turn wrote to Watterson.

And the meeting…

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